Valorant, the most hyped esports game of all time? Pt1.

It is no secret to almost anyone at this point what Valorant is and where you can see it. The last two weeks Riot games, the developer of Valorant has been giving a big amount of game keys out so people could try their beta version of the game. The game has been the most popular topic on twitch almost daily and has been watched so many hours that it is not to imagine.



What is Valorant?

If you by any chance should have missed what the game is and how it works, here is a short recap about the game. Valorant is a Tactical First-Person Shooter game which combines many of the cool properties of Counterstrike and Overwatch/paladins into one game. The game is a 5v5 shooter with two teams. The goal of one of the teams is to plant a “bomb” and of course the goal of the other team is to prevent this bomb to be planted and in worst case explode. This is done by communicating with your team about economy and combinations of abilities and weapons.

Announcement and the following month:

as I remember the first posts from riot games posting about their new game “Project A” began the 16th October 2019 when the twitter posts came short time after each other with some interesting texts like, “So… About that fighting game…” and riot games putting their S in the name.


Since this date Riot games slowly progressed with some following up posts with a few seconds of gameplay and a few facts about the game was made. This led to a longer period of hype from players around the world from many different games. The game seems to blend many of the game features from the FPS game CSGO and the FPS/strategic game Overwatch/Paladins. So naturally the game will attract player from these games by pure curiosity.


Finally around the month of march 2020 Riot games announced that their game was at the stage of development where they were ready for their closed beta.


The beta of Valorant:

The closed beta of Valorant has been online for 14 full days today (21st April 2020) with some extreme high viewer peeks on twitch. This is because of the chance of getting a game key through watching twitch streamers play the game.