Elemental esport the last couple of weeks


In this article I am going to cover some of the things that happened to Elemental esports the last couple of weeks. Through our newsletter and some support from social medias and Sadik I am going to cover the things that are the most important.


Our discord:

Firstly if you haven’t done so already remember that you can join our discord with this link: https://discord.gg/mvsx86Y. as a thing that we did about 4 weeks ago the great team of admins on our discord server has set up a lot of discord text channels for ALL the games we have servers on. These channels will include changes and updates that are specific for the game servers and are not mixed. In week 12 a newsletter was sent out that, lately the discord server has been going through a lot of changes of which some was regarding permissions. This I made to make the server better for both the players, fans and staff.


Players, fans and teams:

Elemental Red:

In week 10 it was announced that the team which is currently consisting of the players: KnZ, Davud, Tauson, Xain and walle is going to participate in a series of event during the coming months.

As the first thing we are excited to announce that the team will be participating in the “Dust2 League Season 14” which is going to start the 6th April where we are going against Sørby Esport Alpha as the first team. More information can be found on our twitter with our full play schedule.

Besides participating into the Dust2 league the team will officially be competing for a with at MidtJysk LAN. However, the date that we should participate was changed to later this year because of the current COVID-19 situation. More updates will come later.

Our bootcamp planned for team red has also been canceled by the current COVID-19 situation, we hope to find a new date as soon as the current situation has been controlled and regulated to normal circumstances.


Elemental Blue:

The newly created Elemental Blue will also be participating in the Dust2 league season 14 which just recently changed its name to “Elgiganten League”.

Elemental Blue is currently consisting of the players: TheSpunKiller, TiLi, Zulki, DoXi- & RasmusRacerRøv. Even though both of our teams will participate we are in two different leagues because there are two versions of the same division. The matches have already started, and more are to come. Again, to check this out go in and look at our Facebook page or twitter if you want to see the full schedule.


Sponsors, partners and positions:

Through the last couple of weeks and month we have managed to find some more sponsors or partners to our organization. So lets take a look at them and say thanks for their support in trust!

The first one is TeamCMS. We have had them as partner for a while now and they are the people hosting our websites and makes sure that everything is running as it should. They are always trying to find the most optimal solutions if any problems occur and have fast support.

We also have Klunsbar! They will be supporting us with their production of merch with design. This will be very good when attending events to share our brand with others and have something to show we are a group.

And our newest sponsor Skybox. Thank you very much to skybox for partnering with us. To those who does not know what skybox is here is an explanation. Skybox is a visualization technology which provide us with a 3d demo of a counterstrike match which will help us analyzing our games better and understanding our errors. It will help developing teamwork and analyzation abilities.


As the last thing in this article we are of course always looking for new volunteers for the organization who might be interested in joining. Currently though we are searching for a manager to our CSGO teams and a coach for each or both of our CSGO teams, so if any of you should be interested these are some opportunities but we are always open to hear about other positions as well. If you are interested you can find a form to fill for your application on either our twitter or facebook.


Remember to check out our social medias here:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elementalesportsdk

Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELT_eSports

Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/elementalesportsgg/ or elementalesportsgg

Discord: https://discord.gg/mvsx86Y



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