Elemental eSports throughout April

It has now been a month since our last post form the past weeks and now its time again to look back into the last 4 weeks of action from elemental esports. This article will include an update from our teams in the league “Elgiganten sæson 14” and some more, but due to the following corona times, there are not a lot of updates happening right now.

Elemental seeking teams/players in other games:

As an organization, we are always seeking new opportunities and that is the same for us. We are still seeking new team/players for esports games that we do not have a team in right now such as Dota 2 or League of legends. Even though these are featured as those we seek, we are of course also open for other games as well to expand our organization. We are most actively searching for a female CSGO team who is willing to play under our name or a league of legends team and a manager for the league of legends team.


Elemental CS:GO teams:

Elemental Red/elemental Main:

Through the last month, we have been playing some exciting games in the “Elgiganten sæson 14 Liga” which we will continue to play in and hopefully, win our games! Right now, we are standing with a 6-3 score which means 6 wins and 3 losses throughout the league.

The players of the team have also been talking to the CEO with the new shift in the name from “Elemental Red” to their new name “Elemental Main” and it has been agreed by everyone so from now on the team will be referred to as “Elemental Main”.


Elemental Blue:

In this last month, our Elemental Blue team has been participating in the “Elgiganten sæson 14 Liga” as well but in a different group. Be aware that if you look at the standings the team is called "elemental.gsc". Unfortunately, our team has not been having a good start in the league as we are down 0-9 right now with 9 losses.

We have tried to look at how we can improve on this. That is why the team has got a new coach who will be trying to help them further on getting some wins and improving on themselves.



A short note from the whole organization and team we want to say is that we are very aware of the current issues from the website where reset password email never occurs in your mail. Our host TeamCMS are investigating the issue and are hopefully fixing it soon.


New team member of the organization:

As the last thing that we can report happened this month is that we have got a new member of our team at Elemental. We are very proud to present Daniel “Laugmann” Nielsen as a new Elemental eSports Caster on the board!


This is the end of the updates for this month, because of the current COVID situation, there are not happening right now. Remember that we are often sending information out on our social media with more updates and results from our matches.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/ELT_eSports

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/elementalesportsdk

Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/elementalesport

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCeSFgMFcFNmAXT83ViZgJ9g   



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