Here you can find the rules of every server we have some rules are left out since most things are common sense so please read them carefully and ask if you have any questions

Discord Server:
1. Be respectful.
2. Sending/Linking any harmful material such as viruses, IP grabbers or harmware results in an immediate permanent ban or kick.
3. No spam - This includes but is not limited too, loud/obnoxious noises in voice, @mention spam, character spam, image spam, and message spam.
4. Usage of excessive extreme inappropriate language is prohibited.
5. Mentioning anyone without a proper reason is prohibited.
6. Act civil in Voice Chats.
7. Post content in the correct channels. (If you have questions what to post where always ask a staff)
8. Don't post someone's personal information without permission.
9. Listen to what the Staff says.

10. Do not post links without asking a staff member.
11. Do not advertise for other organizations, groups, people or any kind.
12. No Gorey, Sexual, or scary content - Screamer links, porn, nudity, death.
13. No offensive messages or nicknames - Anything that a reasonable person might find offensive.
14. No harassment - Including sexual harassment or encouraging of harassment.
15. There may be situations not covered by the rules or times where the rule may not fit the situation. If this happens the moderators are trusted to handle the situation appropriately. If you have a complaint about anything use the support channel to open a ticket or contact us on the website under "Contact".

CS:GO Servers:
You as a player must follow our rules and obey admins words without any complaints. There is always the option to play on other servers if that doesn't fit you.
There is, of course, zero tolerance for cheating and ghosting on our servers. Do not blame your brother, friend or any other person if you get caught cheating/ghosting.
On our servers we use English, we use a well-polished language. Use the same language you would use when speaking to your own mother.
It is forbidden to use names/nicks related to politics or religion. And you are prohibited to discuss anything related to politics or religion in the server chat.
We use proper names/nicks on the servers. If an admin or server changes your in-game name/nick you should change it to a proper name/nick directly without any delay (fake nicks are not prohibited).
Advertising is not allowed in any form. And if you advertise you will receive a mute from our gag-system. And if you keep advertising you will receive a ban.
You are not allowed to use any map exploits.
On our servers you have to do everything in your power to complete your mission, therefore camping is not allowed. CT is of course allowed to camp on bomb spots, but when the bomb is planted you HAVE TO try and defuse.
Microphones are allowed to help your fellow teammate to victory. Misuse of it and it will lead to a mute/kick/ban.
10. TRADING - 
We do not allow people to use our servers as a connection-point to trade in-game items. Which means that you can't ask for any type of trades, it doesn't matter if you're the seller or the buyer. It's also not allowed to link to websites that offer trading, such as BrutalCS do not take any responsibility if someone is being tricked into a trade or tricked into following a link that could be a danger for your PC through our servers.
11. RETAKES - 
Terrorist: As T you always have to plant the bomb directly if you spawn with it. You are never allowed to run away from the chosen bombsite but you are allowed to step outside the site. For example, you are allowed to go outside the B port on D2.
Always try to complete your mission. Do not run around where you shouldn't be like for an example don't go to T spawn when the bomb is planted on B.
Breaking any of these rules will result in a ban.
12. LAWS - 
You must follow the law when you're playing on our servers. Pornography, the promotion of drugs and other conversations about copyrighted material is not allowed on the servers. You're not allowed to use Elemental eSports and the servers to distribute material that's illegal and things that might be found offensive, e.g. incitement to racial hatred, harassment, and child pornography. If you break these rules you may end up getting banned.

Rust Server:
1. Hacking -
You can report a player right after you get killed or using our support ticket module on discord.
2. Ban Evasion -
Players caught circumventing a ban will have their new account(s) banned unless the original ban is reversed.
3. Hacker/Banned Player association -
If a player is game banned or banned from Elemental eSports servers for any reason they are not allowed to evade that ban and play again on a new account. When we catch players doing this they will be banned again for Ban Evasion. Associating with these players on a new account, can and often will result in a ban for individuals or an entire team, depending on the circumstances. We do not expect people to know the complete history of every individual they play with at any point. However, when clear and indisputable proof of players helping others evade is available to admins, the involved player(s) will face a ban from all Elemental eSports servers as well.
4. Toxic Behavior & Asshattery - 
Aggressive behavior is a part of normal gameplay in Rust, toxic behavior is when this crosses the line into actions that go above and beyond. A prime example of this would be repeatedly using racial slurs in chat.
5. Offensive Material - 
Offensive material is a very subjective arena. Signs depicting bigotry or offensive slurs can potentially be removed by Admins without warning, and potentially; further action(s) may ensue.
6. Glitching - 
Rust is still very much in development and as such we do not police most glitches that find their way into the game. At this time we restrict building outside of the intended play zone (such as under the terrain or inside of rocks). Certain exceptions to this rule may be made at admins discretion.
7. Real Life Threats - 
To know the severity of the threat, it is important to understand the context behind the statement. For example, if someone says they’re going to “f*** someone’s mom” in all chat, it’s obvious that’s not a real threat. If the player is talking about tracking them down in real life or swatting them, please report them.
8. Doxing - 
Doxing is the act of releasing the personal information of another player. This can include any real-life information such as names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. Players found to be doing this will be evaluated as to the severity, but ultimately, offenses of this nature are grounds for an immediate ban.
9. Server / Admin Hating - 
We take pride in the vetting of our staff however mistakes do happen. When suspicions of abuse arise we want to address them in a productive manner. Ranting in all chat does nothing to address the problem and may result in Admin response. If you suspect admin abuse, please contact a member of our Leadership team via Steam or email us directly at [email protected] All reports of abuse are kept strictly confidential regardless of the outcome.
10. Admins are here to help - 
First and foremost, admins are here to maintain the context of the server and help players. This includes answering questions, engaging with players in positive ways, removing toxic players/hackers, helping out fresh spawns, and running community events.
11. No door camping - 
Don't just sit in front of a players base for hours waiting for him to come out or to go offline think about how you would wanna be treated in that position.
12. Only English in chat - 
Only use English in the main chat you can talk whatever language you want in voice since only nearby people can hear you.

Minecraft Server:
General Player Rules:

Do not harass players or attempt to bully them off the server. A player saying something mean every now and then is not harassment, you as a player can use the /ignore add <username> feature to not have to listen to it. If the player continues to work around this ignore to bully you, then it becomes harassment. PVP callouts in PVP chat are not harassment.

Do not misuse channels beyond their intended function. An occasional “funny comment” or “quip” in for example Trade chat is fine, but you are not to derail channels for a purpose they are not intended. Do not spill or create drama in public chats, or engage in excessive arguments that could be done in private message.

Do not “Doxx” players, or reveal private information on the server. Doxxing players is the intentional revelation of their real-life name, home address, or information that could reasonably lead to their real-life identity being revealed. Revealing information that is already known in the community, or easily google-able is not Doxxing.

Do not steal, copy, modify or re-use skins (or other content) belonging to other players without their consent. Also, do not use skins or builds that are clearly meant to evoke an erotic or racist sentiment.

Respect the space and place of other roleplayers without forcing yourself into it. Ask before forcing yourself into a scene, and do not engage in OOC actions on the sidelines that make concentrating on the roleplay harder.

Do not engage in inappropriate roleplay in public or with minors. Do not engage in excessively disgusting roleplay, excessively vulgar roleplay, meta-roleplay, god-roleplay, or any other such mechanics of fail-roleplay. Stick to our lore when roleplaying.

Do not use cheats, glitches, hacks, or modified clients to your advantage (including player radar!). Some mods are allowed, always double-check with staff before using one. This rule also covers misusing gameplay features, like staircase glitching or pearl glitching.

The use of Autoclickers or Macros is not allowed, including Keyboard/Mouse features that are meant to give an edge during PVP are not allowed. The use of hacks or clients that give an edge during PVP are also not allowed. This rule also covers using afk-grinders for MCMMO.

Anything that is seen to cause lag on the server is not allowed, and will be removed by staff (this may also involve redstone machines). If you are unsure whether something causes lag, consult with staff. This also involves using flowing water to create mob grinders, auto-farms, afk-farms, or any other form of automation that is either unfair, or harmful to server performance. You should also keep passive mobs to 50 or less per chunk.

We do not force you to respect our staff, but we ask that you are patient and cordial with our Staff. If a Staff member mistreats you, make a complaint on the forum. Do not impersonate staff, waste their time, or backseat moderate.

Faction Specific Rules:
Treat other players fairly in factions. Do not invite them just to kick and steal from them. Do not engage in scamming, and do not use the Factions plugin to ridicule or make them feel miserable.

Do not use Alternate accounts to artificially increase mob spawns in your area, spy on other factions and steal items.

Do not destroy other people’s builds, even if it is not claimed by a faction. You may “break and enter” by destroying a few blocks, but not take down whole sections. You may steal from unlocked chests, but not rip out materials from structures.

Within faction, Faction Owners are lord and master over buildings. They are allowed to destroy any buildings in their faction. That being said, owners should be kind towards their faction members. Claiming over someone else’s base is still illegal.

Do not grief the surroundings of another faction by building ugly structures. You may also not build offensive structures either outside of a faction or anywhere on the map.

Do not create Faction land or portal traps that a player cannot escape from, unless they willingly entered a portal or entered a building, as long as they could see that portal.

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